Farm Help Wanted (Ontario)

I84 near Hwy 201
compensation: $15
Ontario, OR)
compensation: 15 Per Hour
We are looking for someone to help with various tasks around our small farm in Ontario, Oregon. This is part time occasional work, not a full time job. We pay well but we expect that you will uphold your end of the bargain. Before I get into what tasks you would be performing, please read the following list of our expectations. I am listing these because we have had problems getting people that can follow these pretty basic work ethic tenants.

1. We expect you to have a good work ethic and show up when you say you will and be ready to work. We are easy to work for but if you think that includes us being willing to listen to repeated or lame excuses why you are not going to show up, think again. This is the fastest way to lose this position permanently. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION.

2. We expect you to work when you are onsite. We understand that you will need breaks for bathroom, water, and lunch etc. but the rest of the time you are expected to work, not kill yourself, simply be productive.

3. We expect you to dress properly and use safe work methods that reduce any chance of injury to you or damage to our property. We have small livestock and poultry and at times you will be working around them. If this is a problem then this is not the gig for you.

4. We expect you to be able to safely use a ladder and/or work from an elevated platform. This will not be often but if you are scared of heights then we can not use you.

5. We expect you to be able to safely use, or quickly learn to use, hand tools including but not limited to shovels, spades, loppers, hoe, stirrup hoe, digging fork, pitch fork, wheelbarrow, garden cart, rake, post hole digger, and pruners.

6. We expect you to be able to listen and follow directions. There is nothing wrong with asking questions or saying you don't understand and need further explanation but you must be able to safely work unsupervised. You will get dirty, if this is a problem then this is not the job for you.

Samples of work assignments:

Feeding livestock, Fencing, cleaning barns, weeding, tree pruning, fencing, shoveling, moving dirt/gravel, general cleanup, mowing lawns, raking, moving feed.

If you have other skills so much the better. If you can handle small livestock even more so! If you can do basic carpentry or repairs great! Did you notice that I didn't specify age or gender? That is because I don't care about those things as long as you actually want to work. If this sounds interesting to you please contact us and lets see if we can work together.

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